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Digital-to-analog converter PCI cards for universal applications

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 13 of 13 products. PCI-6208V-GL 8 DA UPCI Card 16bit ±10V
529,00 € (w/o VAT) PCI-6216V-GL 16 DA UPCI Card 16bit
871,00 € (w/o VAT) PCI-6208A 8 DA PCI Card 16bit Current Out
716,00 € (w/o VAT) PCI-6202 4 DA PCI Card 1MS/s 16bit ±10V with 32 isolated DIO Exp-8V Extra 8Chan Voltage Out for PCI-6208V Exp-8A Extra 8Chan Voltage to Current Module (PCI-6208V) PCI-6208V 8 DA PCI Card 16bit ±10V PCI-6216V 16 DA PCI Card 16bit DA12-8(PCI) 8 D/A Card 12bit 100kS/s 4/4 TTL DIO
580,00 € (w/o VAT) DA16-16(LPCI)L PCI Low Profile 16 DA Card 16bit
750,00 € (w/o VAT) DA16-8(LPCI)L PCI Low Profile 8 DA Card 16bit
530,00 € (w/o VAT) DA16-4(LPCI)L PCI Low Profile 4 DA Card 16bit
400,00 € (w/o VAT) DA12-16(PCI) PCI 16 DA Card 12bit
640,00 € (w/o VAT)

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