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Network Ethernet-Serial Over IP Industrial Device Server is a module that enables RS485/RS422 communication over IP networks. It is used to connect industrial devices such as AD/DIO modules. It provides an easy and cost-effective way to integrate these devices into an existing network.

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 9 of 9 products. EX9041D 14 DI (isolated),LED
106,00 € (w/o VAT) EX9042D 13 DO (isolated,open collector),LED
107,00 € (w/o VAT) EX9043 16 DO (open collector)
96,00 € (w/o VAT) EX9043D 16 DO (open collector),LED
105,00 € (w/o VAT) EX9044D 4 DI (isolated), 8 DO (isolated,open collector),LED
112,00 € (w/o VAT) EX9050HD 8 DI (source), 8 DO (open collector:NPN),LED
117,00 € (w/o VAT) EX9050AHD 8 DI (Sink), 8 DO (Open collector:PNP),LED
128,00 € (w/o VAT) EX9052 8 DI (isolated, 6 differential, 2 single-ended)
99,00 € (w/o VAT) EX9052D 8 DI (isolated, 6 differential, 2 single-ended),LED
105,00 € (w/o VAT)

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