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Ethernet - Serial Over IP is a network technology that allows for the communication of RS232 serial data over an IP network. It is an efficient way to connect serial devices to a network, enabling remote access and control of serial devices.

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4.4.3 Aport-211S Serial to Ethernet 1-port Gateway server
79,00 € (w/o VAT)
4.4.3 Aport-211W Serial to Ethernet 1-port web server
4.4.3 Aport-212 Modbus TCP to 2* Modbus RTU/ASCII gateway
129,00 € (w/o VAT)
4.4.3 Aport-212PG Cortex M3 FreeRTOS Programmable Gateway 2*COM
4.4.3 Aport-213 Isolated Single Port Modbus-/Serial-Ethernet Gateway
4.4.3 Aport-214PG Cortex M4 FreeRTOS Programmable Gateway 4*DI 2*Relay 2*RS485
4.4.3 Aport-311 Serial to Ethernet Gateway 1*port RS232/422/485
4.4.3 Aport-312 Serial to Ethernet Gateway 2*port
4.4.3 SE-100M Serial TTL to Ethernet Embedded Module RS232/422/485
4.4.3 SE-100M-EV Serial TTL to Ethernet Embedded Module RS232/422/485 Kit
4.4.3 SE-110S Serial RS232 to Ethernet Embedded Module
4.4.3 WE-200M Serial TTL to Ethernet Embedded Module 64kB web space
4.4.3 WE-200M-EV Evaluation Kit Serial TTL to Ethernet Module 64kB web space

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