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Software for measurement, control and simulation for Linux, DOS, Windows. Demo versions and driver are available here for downloading

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6.7.1 AS59320 Charting Tools DLL for WinNT, Win95 and Win3.1
6.7.1 AS59312 Science & Engineering tools for Borland Pascal
6.7.1 AS59311 Science & Engineering tools Borland C++, Turbo C++ für DOS
6.7.1 AS59310 Science & Eng. tools Microsoft C 7.0, 8.0, Visual C++
6.7.1 AS59302 Real-Time Graphic tools Borland Pascal
6.7.1 AS59301 Real-Time Graphic tools Borland C++, Turbo C++ für DOS
6.7.1 AS59300 Real-Time Graphic tools MS C 7.0, 8.0, Visual C++
6.5.4 AS59401 Visual Designer Run Time Version
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