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In addition to sensors, the key components for industrial Internet of Things architectures and Smart Home applications are primarily the … read more


With its extremely low dimensions of only 52 x 89 x 112 mm (L x B x H) – roughly … read more


As opposed to the commonplace CPU (Central Processing Unit), the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a specialised and optimised processor … read more


The PXIe compact chassis PXES-2314T solves space problems For tests and examinations, commonplace measurement devices such as oscilloscopes, stabilised electrical … read more


Data recording in Industry 4.0 manufacturing environments is used for identifying and collecting important information, which is also necessary as … read more


The PXIe-3988 from Adlink, now available from the distributor Acceed, QM-certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, is a … read more


Frame grabbers, whose name is derived from their original function to read the individual images of an analogue video signal … read more


Industrial systems normally work with continuous operation, which requires a particularly high degree of reliability and availability. Thanks to the … read more


The new IGS-182GP is a cheap, compact basic switch which doesn’t act with extravagant functions, but fulfils its function reliably … read more


Thanks to their high-speed communication, high data transfer rates and access to high-performance processing technology, PXIe systems can be used … read more


The DLAP-4000 series models are extendable Box computers which are equipped by the German distributor Acceed with high-performance Quadro graphics … read more


Whilst the basic equipment is identical for both series models, the SEMIL-1341GC has an additional Tesla T4 graphics card and … read more


The IGAP-W99110GP+ is a high-performance industry access point for outdoors, which works with the high-performance WiFi-6 protocol (IEEE802.11ax). An SFP … read more


If robustness is relevant and demanded, the new IPC series SEMIL-1700 models are the answer. All models in this series … read more


The advantages of PXI/PXIe systems are clear: they are standardised, proven, reliable and flexibly configurable for a wide range of … read more


The IGMG-P83244GC+-D4G combines high-performance hardware with software components for intelligent IoT applications. A reliable Dual Core ARMv7 Cortex-A9 CPU with … read more


With the NRU-120S, an extremely energy-efficient, fanless edge AI inference platform was put on the market. With its highly compact … read more


With the DDS (Data Distribution Service), the Vortex intelligent data sharing platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) implements the … read more


The compact NEON-2000-JT2 camera system is available with various image sensors with a resolution of up to 2592 x 1944 … read more


Equipped with the Jetson nano module from Nvidia, the new fanless DLAP-301-Nano now introduced by Acceed is the ideal platform … read more


MLC 8 is a new generation of fully equipped panel computers. The all-in-one PCs are available with the three different … read more


The casing and equipment of the Nuvo-7531 are attuned to industrial requirements, also via the temperature range from -25 to … read more


Jetson is the manufacturer Nvidia’s brand name for a series of integrated computer chips with a Tegra processor. Jetson was … read more


Compared with the so often preferred cloud computing, edge computing is often the more efficient architecture in industrial environments, because … read more


Various AVA-5500 series models are already used successfully in larger quantities in the field of railway construction, also for the … read more


Inference gains special significance within the surroundings of industrial artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning or deep learning. Whilst the general … read more


As opposed to the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a specialised and optimised processor core … read more


Data recording in Smart manufacturing environments is used for identifying and collecting important information, which is also necessary as a … read more


Artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, is finally also attracting increasing interest in more traditional industrial applications. Be it in maintenance … read more


The POC-551VTC is ultra-compact, fanless and equipped with a type Ryzen AMD V100 processor. The high-performance embedded CPU with four … read more


The number of devices in networks and connected to the Internet is also still increasing rapidly within industry. The expansion … read more


Despite its compact dimensions of only 255 x 173 x 76 mm, the new industrial Box PC Nuvo-7501 is a … read more


If we have to do with tailored software, the issue is often the nightmare of the exorbitantly expensive individual solution. … read more


Rotating elements in machines normally generate even oscillations. Cracks and breaks arise as a result of changed oscillation frequencies, in … read more


Power supply failure for machine controls and IT infrastructures was mostly faced with battery-supported UPS systems to-date. So-called super capacitors, … read more


The new GPU-supported Industry PC Nuvo-7160GC now available from Acceed is the high-performance and robust embedded platform, in particular for … read more


Computers for use in vehicles must naturally be particularly robust, vibration-free and impact-resistant and designed for direct connection to the … read more


The Acceed EDAM-4200 series of I/O modules offers a cost-effective solution for data communication with local terminals in automation and … read more


Gateways, the mediators between sensors, actuators and networks, play a crucial role in industrial networks. The industrial Internet of Things … read more


A switch is at the heart of the network and must therefore meet the highest standards of performance, data protection, … read more


The Nuvo-7000 series of industrial box PCs now also available in Germany represents a new generation of high-performance one-for-all platforms. … read more


The feeding of serial data into networks is less about bandwidth than about data security and failure protection. The new … read more


The new programmable serial Ethernet device server Aport-214PG from Artila is well equipped for the special communication tasks in current … read more


Due to their compact size and fail-safe cooling technology, fanless Box PCs are used in a wide range of applications. … read more


The technology of complex computations is currently undergoing a development away from pure CPU systems and towards division of labour … read more


The new radio gateway ORIO-G30218 is a flexible and cost-effective solution for transmitting serial data and switching signals via various … read more


Embedded controllers for video surveillance and other demanding vision applications must be particularly robust when installed in vehicles, vibration- and … read more


When it comes to connecting already existing but remote data networks, for example on extensive company premises or in factories, … read more


The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) relies on the greatest possible variety and flexibility of communication channels. Gateways, which are … read more


Serial data collected at a specific position in a plant or building often have to be routed via long data … read more


With up to four slots for PCI or PCIe cards, the new MVP-60xx series of fanless industrial PCs is a … read more


Nuvo-5026E is the latest development in Neousys' successful 5000 series of embedded PCs. The series is characterized by a high … read more


The new MXE-210 from Acceed, the independent German distributor for industrial network technology, offers two technologies in one compact device. … read more


Better safe than sorry: this is the goal of predictive maintenance, also known as preventive condition monitoring. Cracks and fractures … read more


The new PCIe-PoE334LP is designed as a frame grabber for server use and is the first PoE card in PCIe-Low-Profile … read more


In today's industrial environment, especially automation and many other automated areas, it is essential to feed measured values, data and … read more


In outdoor areas, vehicles and industrial applications with special protection requirements, the power supply for otherwise robust network devices means … read more


The protocol defined in IEC Standard 61158 forms the basis for real time applications in automation technology. Through outstanding synchronisation … read more


The Nuvo-2510VTC is a fanless PC for vehicles and has a powerful E3845 quad core Atom processor from Intel. The highly … read more


The economical but high-performance Intel Celeron Bay Trail J1900 quad core processor forms the core of the fanless Nuvo-2500. The … read more

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