Nuvo-10208GC: Robust dual GPU platform for high-end AI

Nuvo-10208GC: Robust dual GPU platform for high-end AI

For increasingly efficiently working automation based on artificial intelligence, above-all performant hardware for Edge AI applications is gaining significance. In this context, the German distributor Acceed has now augmented its portfolio with the Nuvo-10208GC, a further latest generation robust platform, which makes a wide range of demanding applications possible. Autonomous driving, optical quality inspection and the monitoring of traffic and material flows are just some of the complex tasks for which the Nuvo-10208GC can provide its strong computing capacity supported by two GPUs.

The high-end computer, available with several individual equipment combinations is a dual GPU platform designed for industrial requirements which was specifically developed to support two high-end graphics cards with 350 W. With it, the Nuvo-10208GC can provide the huge output of up to 97 TeraFLOPS (benchmarking with FP32). Its areas of use include GPU-accelerated simulation, virtual reality applications, optical in-line product examination and autonomous transport systems.

The new Nuvo-10208GC is the logical advancement of tried and successful models. Based on various Intel-i9/i7/i5/i3 12th and 13th generation processors, the highly robust system supports two series RTX 40, RTX A6000 and RTX A4500 graphics cards from the technology partner Nvidia. With it, for example, autonomous vehicles can handle complex tasks such as image processing and machine learning in real time. Real time processing is essential, also for the recognition of obstacles, to determine positions and to make vehicles or robots safer.

The clamping brackets for which a patent application has been submitted are an innovation for the larger and heavier GPUs. Still in use - just as the patented vibration dampening up to 3 Grms - the proven heat management for the CPU and two 350 W GPUs in order to optimise the overall system performance and secure its reliable operation at full load at environmental temperatures of -25 to +60 °C.

The Nuvo-10208GC also has abundant I/O interfaces, including 2 × 2.5 gigabit Ethernet plus 1 × gigabit Ethernet and optionally 1 × 10GBase-T, a total of 7 × USB (of which 6 × USB 3.2), an M.2 socket 2280 for NVMe-SSD, two hot swap-capable plug-ins for SSD or HDD size 2.5“ hard disks with RAID 0/1 support and two graphics connections (DisplayPort with 4096 × 2304 resolution and VGA).

Functional extensions can be made comfortably made via the PCIe slots (two x16 and one x8) as well as two mini PCIe sockets with SIM connections. A further M.2 socket is available for mobile communication (3G/4G), which also supports dual SIM operation. For operation in vehicles, the voltage range from 8 to 48 V DC is possible via the pluggable terminal block.

Summarised, the new Nuvo-10208GC from Acceed is a GPU computer platform equipped for robust use with diverse I/O functions such as machine learning, autonomous transport systems, face recognition and image processing. Customer-specific components such as CPU, RAM, SSD, HDD or PCIe cards for individual tasks are procured by Acceed if desired and tested to support immediate readiness for use.



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