inLog EDAM-9466: Kompaktes Ethernet-IO-Modul jetzt auch mit PoE

inLog EDAM-9466: Kompaktes Ethernet-IO-Modul jetzt auch mit PoE

Control 6 relay outputs easily with the EDAM-9466 from inLog, which requires no additional power supply, thanks to PoE.

In today's industrial environment, especially automation and many other automated areas, it is essential to feed measured values, data and signals into the network. Network connection options are now available in most machines and systems. At the measuring points themselves, however, the necessary power supply for the transmission hardware is often lacking. It is tedious and annoying when an additional power supply has to be connected to the network first for transmission. The new compact data acquisition module EDAM-9466 from Acceed saves this effort thanks to PoE (Power over Ethernet).

The EDAM-9466 is a digital IO module with six input channels for different digital signals. All inputs are optically isolated (3750 Vrms). The module, the size of a cigarette packet, is ideally suited for cost-effective decentralized data acquisition, remote monitoring and simple control tasks with direct linking of input and output signals. Acceed provides the matching node RED snippet for free download at Configuration software and drivers are also available free of charge.

All modules of the EDAM series (with and without PoE) are particularly interesting for cost-effective solutions in building management and decentralised switching and monitoring tasks. The individual modules differ in the number and specification of the input and output channels. The Acceed website provides a good overview under the search word "EDAM".

The housings of the very compact modules are suitable for DIN rail mounting in control cabinets as well as for wall mounting. Status LEDs show the most important information at a glance. Screw terminals are available for signal connection, power is supplied either via an external power supply unit or, as in the case of the new EDAM-9466, simply via Ethernet. All modules support the Modbus RTU protocol as standard as well as TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP.

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