PCIe-HDV72: Fast 4K frame grabber for image analysis

The new high-performance card PCIe-HDV72 with the PCI Express x4 Gen2/3 format, now available from the German distributor Acceed, supports HDMI 2.0 and therefore loss-free 4K or ultra HD image transfer. The uncompressed audio and video data is entered via the MHL 3.0 interface and can be output in RGB format up to 36 bits without loading the CPU. When operated, the card can be used at ambient temperatures of 0 to 55 °C.

Frame grabbers, whose name is derived from their original function to read the individual images of an analogue video signal (frame) and convert them to digital images, are more appropriately referred to as protocol converters nowadays. When used for industry, these specialists are the decisive component between the camera and image evaluation where it is important to record memory-intense images and to maintain high data throughput. Without the evaluation and processing of image data, high quality requirements in manufacturing, production control and the special machines and plant construction sector can no longer be met. Here, the hardware used exerts an influence not to be underestimated.

The single-channel plug-in card PCIe-HDV72 with HDMI 2.0 support offers a high standard and is able to reduce the TCO with it, in particular for applications where a high-performance video and audio source is to be recorded and evaluated, for example for material testing, production monitoring or medical imaging. Its features include colour space conversion from the hardware side, RGB support up to 36 bits and YUV 444/422/420 as well as High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.2. The audio decoder supports sampling rates from 32 via 44.1 up to 192 kHz with 16, 20 and 24 bits. With the optional (Windows) software ViewCreatorPro from the same manufacturer, efficient applications can be created for configuration, testing and debugging.

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