EX9250-MTCP: I/O module for daisy chain switching with auto-bypass

Under the brand name ExpertDAQ, Acceed offers a comprehensive range of scalable and cost-efficient IO modules for networks in demanding operational environments. The modules with analogue and digital inputs and outputs also serve to link distributed sensors, actuators, meters or relays in extensive areas or via the Internet. They are robust, energy-efficient and can be installed and commissioned without any great effort. The EX9250-MTCP is a digital I/O module with ten inputs and six outputs. Two Ethernet interfaces enable the linking of several modules. Here, the auto-bypass function ensures the further operation of the other modules in the chain if one fails.

The digital I/O module EX9250-MTCP has two Ethernet ports (RJ-45, 10/100-Base-T) for network connection and establishing daisy chain connections. It offers ten insulated digital inputs (dry/wet) and six digital output channels with 3750 Vrms galvanic insulation. All digital input channels support the latch function for signal processing. Simultaneously, these DI channels can also be used as 300 Hz meters. The digital output channels also support the pulse output module. The protocols Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP are supported. With the automatic DIO synchronisation (peer-to-peer), the direct allocation of two EX9250-MTCP modules can be defined so that the input values are directly transferred to the output channels. Therefore, an output channel (local or remote) can be activated, dependent on the data pattern of the input channels (1/0 or toggle): if the data pattern changes from "agreement" to “non-agreement", the corresponding output is set to active (1 or 0).

The particularly narrow module with its 2.75 cm is prepared for top-hat rail assembly, the connections for the power supply (10 to 30 V DC) are designed as plug-in screw terminals, the inputs and outputs as plug-in terminals. The admissible ambient temperature for operation is specified with -10 to +70 °C in accordance with industry requirements. LEDs on the front display the most important information on readiness for operation and data communication within the network. A comprehensive manual explains commissioning, use options and switching and provides an additional detailed overview of further modules with specialised functions and properties. All modules are available at short notice from Acceed. Also, drivers and utilities are available for Windows.

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