POC-351VTC: Vehicle PC with CAN, GbE, PoE, 4G and Wifi

POC-351VTC: Vehicle PC with CAN, GbE, PoE, 4G and Wifi

POC-351VTC: A vehicle controller providing a GigE port, an integrated CAN bus, up to four radio modules per plug-in card and two PoE ports with 25 watts output, robustly designed for direct connection to the vehicle’s battery.

Computers for use in vehicles must naturally be particularly robust, vibration-free and impact-resistant and designed for direct connection to the vehicle’s battery. The new vehicle controller, the POC-351VTC from Acceed, is equipped to meet precisely these criteria, additionally providing a GigE port, an integrated CAN bus as well as the option to add up to four radio modules per plug-in card in addition to two PoE ports with 25 watts output.

The POC-351VTC is an ultra-compacter, fanless vehicle PC based on the Intel high-performance quad core Atom processor E3950 von Intel (Apollo Lake) with TDP = 12W. The controller in its robust full metal housing is equipped with three GbE ports, two of which are with PoE and can be ideally used for connecting cameras used in-vehicle. The insulated CAN bus, which is also integrated, simplifies all communication connections in the vehicle, saving time and cost-intense laying of complicated wiring harnesses.

In order to easily supply devices via the vehicle battery, a wide range for input voltage is important for operation in vehicles. The POC351VTC accepts 8 to 35 V direct current. The power supply can be coupled with the ignition and can switch independently from this by setting delay times. The battery voltage is monitored simultaneously. The controller is approved for use in vehicles and meets the requirements of the standards EN 55032 and EN 55024.

In addition to the three GigE interfaces (of which two are with PoE), the POC351VTC has respectively two USB 3.0 and USB2.0 ports as well as several configurable serial interfaces. Three mPCIe sockets and an M.2 socket, each with USIM support are available, in order to additionally equip the controller with corresponding modules um for communication via radio networks (4G, 3G, WLAN, GPS). The Mini PCI Express sockets can alternatively be used for other cards and tasks. With this large number of fast interfaces and expansion options, it is possible to realise the most varied vehicle applications. The housing design which was specially developed for robust use in buses, trucks or FTS ensures safe heat dissipation via the extensive aluminium comb and also enables the fanless computer to function stably, also in a wide temperature range.

Two of the serial interfaces, the audio connections, the I/O port for respectively four digital inputs and outputs and the CAN bus port are placed on the narrow sides of the very compact housing with its dimensions of 153 (W) x 108 (D) x 56 (H). In addition to the DVI/VGA socket, the further serial interfaces, all the communication interfaces and the input for the power supply are located on the long side. The SIM card plug-in, also located on a narrow side, is easily accessible. Operation with an installed SSD is permissible at an ambient temperature range from -25 to +70°C with a humidity of 10 to 90%.

As matching accessories mSATA SSDs with 64 or 128GB memory and the pre-installed operating system Windows 10 IoT are available from Acceed, as are special power supplies and assembly kits. Moreover, as a special service, Acceed offers full ready assembly, also in larger quantities and provides fully equipped devices in accordance with customer requirements, ready for use.

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