ORing IMC-V111ET-TB: an Industrial Media Converter to connect remote networks simply via 2-wire cable

ORing IMC-V111ET-TB: an Industrial Media Converter to connect remote networks simply via 2-wire cable

If laying new cables is not an alternative, simply connect networks to the IMC-V111ET-TB Industrial Media Converter from ORing using 2-wire lines (telephone cables).

When it comes to connecting already existing but remote data networks, for example on extensive company premises or in factories, two solutions come to mind at the first go: laying new network cables or setting up radio links. One is expensive, the other is unsafe. A third, inexpensive and stable solution uses the often existing twisted two-wire lines of the telephone systems. Media converters such as the IMC-V111ET-TB from ORing can be used to build a wide-area network based on VDSL technology that offers consistent transmission quality and is virtually tap-proof.

The IMC-V111ET-TB industrial media converter is a cost-efficient solution for connecting remote data networks. With two devices, distances of up to 2.4 km can be easily bridged using twisted 2-wire copper lines, which are often present in existing telephone systems. The protocols IEEE 802.3u for 100Base-TX, VDSL ITU-T G.993.1 and VDSL2 ITU-T G.993.2 are supported.

The IMC-V111ET-TB has an RJ-45 Ethernet port (100 Mbps) for connecting to the data network and a terminal block for connecting the telephone line to the VDSL2 port. In the DSL context, each device can be configured as either CO (exchange) or CPE (terminal) using the DIP switches on the front panel. This means that no two different devices are required, which makes the use significantly more flexible, for example when modernizing or expanding an IT infrastructure. The Ethernet port supports the Auto MDI/MDI-X switching function as well as full duplex and half duplex operation. For example, the manufacturer specifies the transmission rate for a 200 m line with 100 MBit/s upstream/downstream, and for a 1000 m line with 34 MBit/s upstream and 6 MBit/s downstream.

The robust device is designed for harsh industrial use and can be operated at ambient temperatures between -40 and +75 °C. The device can be used in a wide range of applications. The power supply is redundant in the range from 12 to 48 V DC with integrated overvoltage protection and thus offers additional operational reliability. Typical power consumption is 4.75 W. Five LEDs indicate the operating status (voltage, network activity, CPE mode). The full metal housing measures 41 x 70 x 95.5 mm and, weighing only 272 g, is suitable for wall mounting as well as DIN rail mounting. Suitable power supplies for the DIN rail are available as accessories.


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