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The PC Server All-In-One PC 4:3 is an all-in-one desktop computer that combines the power of a PC server with the convenience of a 4:3 aspect ratio all-in-one PC. It features an Intel Core processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive. The 4:3 aspect ratio display provides a superior viewing experience with vibrant colors and sharp details. The PC Server All-In-One PC 4:3 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a powerful and reliable desktop PC.

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1.2.1 RS-3219-A 19" LCD panel PC system Cel 1,8GHz 1GB HDD
1.2.1 RS-3219-C 19" LCD panel PC system P-D 2,8GHz 1GB HDD
1.2.1 RS-4517-C 19" LCD panel PC system C2D 2,8GHz Touchscreen
1.2.1 PPC-2317POS 17" All-In-One-PC for POS
1.2.1 PPC-1710 17" All-In-One-PC w speaker
1.2.1 PPC-1910 19" All-In-One-PC w speaker

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