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2.3.2 - Compact PCI 3U Solutions Search including archive

Industrial Compact PCI with 3 units height: CPU Cards with LPP-266 or P-III Level, 19'' chassis (with LCD available), Backplanes, Power Supplies, redundant solutions, AddOnCards VGA, Ethernet, SCSI

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Category: cPCI Backplanes
cPCI 8 slot 32bit backplane rear IO 31pin power
Category: cPCI Interface Cards
cPCI fast Ethernet 2*1000TX interface Card
415,00 €
incl. VAT 493,85 €
Category: cPCI Interface Cards
cPCI fast Ethernet 4*1000TX interface Card
Category: cPCI Power Supplies
cPCI power supply 47pin 24DCV 300W
1.090,00 €
incl. VAT 1.297,10 €
Category: cPCI Power Supplies
cPCI power supply 47pin 24DCV 250W
795,00 €
incl. VAT 946,05 €
Category: cPCI Power Supplies
cPCI power supply 47pin 36..72 DCV
749,00 €
incl. VAT 891,31 €
Category: cPCI Power Supplies
cPCI power supply 47pin 85..265 ACV
790,00 €
incl. VAT 940,10 €
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