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Vision & Video IP Network Cams provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution for monitoring and recording video over an IP network. These cameras are designed to deliver clear, reliable video in any environment, allowing for remote monitoring and recording over a secure network connection. With features such as motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio, these cameras are an ideal choice for any security or surveillance application.

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5.2 ANC-3211MB 2M mini PoE Fixed Dome Web Cam
5.2 ANC-3210MB 2M mini PT PoE Dome Web Cam
5.2 ANC-3220MB 2M IP65 PoE mini PT Dome Web Cam
5.2 ANC-3410MB 2M 3*Z mini PTZ PoE HDMI AutoTrack Sony S. Dome Web Cam
5.2 ANC-3420MB 2M 3*Zoom mini PTZ PoE HDMI AutoTrack IP65 Sony Dome Web Cam
5.2 ANC-2460MB 2M 10*Optical Zoom Bullet Web Cam Outdoor, PoE
5.2 ANC-2360MD 2M 3*Opt:Zoom Bullet Web Cam, Outdoor WDR Defog PoE Sony
5.2 ANC-2460MD 2M 10*OPT:Zoom Bullet IP65 WDR/Defog/PoE Sony S. Web Cam
5.2 ANC-808PMD 2M 10*Opt.Zoom PTZ WDR Defog PoE IR Sony S. Web Cam
5.2 ANC-2960MD PTZ 10*Opt.Z 2M HDMI WDR/Defog/PoE IP66 Sony Bullet Web Cam
5.2 ANC-3420LA Motion PTZ 3*Z 3M HDMI H.265 mini IP65 Sony S. Web Cam
5.2 ANC-3420NA Motion PTZ 2,5*Z 3M HDMI H.265 mini IP65 Sony S. Web Cam
5.2 CAM6563UIR-PoE Dome 8M High Res. WDR IR ICR H.264 Web Cam
395,00 € (w/o VAT)
5.2 CAM6885EV-PoE Dome Fish Eye Vandal 5M IP66 H.264 WDR IR Web Cam
320,00 € (w/o VAT)

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