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Industrial Computers, Panel Displays and LCD Open Metal Frame are essential components for industrial applications. These components are designed to be highly reliable and efficient, providing the highest quality performance in challenging environments. Industrial Computers offer a wide range of features, including powerful processors, ruggedized enclosures, and multiple ports. Panel Displays are designed to provide an easy-to-read interface for operators, while LCD Open Metal Frame offers a durable and lightweight solution for industrial applications.

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 10 of 10 products. OPM-08 LCD open frame monitor 8,4" analog VGA OPM-08RTU LCD open frame monitor 8,4" USB resistive touch analog VGA OPM-10 10,4' open frame LCD OPM-10T 10,4' open frame LCD with touch OPM-12 12,1' open frame LCD OPM-12T 12,1' open frame LCD with touch OPM-15 15,1' open frame LCD OPM-15T 15,1' open frame LCD with touch OPM-17T 17' open frame LCD with touch OPM-19T 19' open frame LCD with touch

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