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Industrial Computers, Industrial Computer, Panel Displays, Industrial Monitor, and LCD Panel 4:3 are all components of industrial computer systems. They provide reliable, rugged, and durable solutions for applications in harsh environments. Industrial Computers are designed for long-term operation in harsh conditions, while Industrial Computer Panel Displays and Industrial Monitors provide a user-friendly interface for monitoring and controlling industrial processes. The LCD Panel 4:3 is a wide-screen LCD display that provides a clear and crisp image for industrial applications.

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 7 of 7 products. PM0846D-SVGA Industrial Monitor 8.4" SVGA 800*600
415,00 € (w/o VAT) PM1045D-SVGA Industrial Monitor 10.4" 800*600 SVGA
440,00 € (w/o VAT) PM1205D-SVGA Industrial Monitor 12.1" 800*600 SVGA
450,00 € (w/o VAT) PM1505D-XGA Industrial Monitor 15" 1024*768 XGA
420,00 € (w/o VAT) PM1705D-SXGA Industrial Monitor 17" 1280*1024 SXGA
580,00 € (w/o VAT) PM1905D-SXGA Industrial Monitor 19" 1280*1024 SXGA
480,00 € (w/o VAT) PM2005D-UXGA Industrial Monitor 20.1" 1600*1200 UXGA
840,00 € (w/o VAT)

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