- Modbus DOS Modules

This industrial device server provides an easy way to connect and control industrial devices over an Ethernet network. It is a Serial Over IP device that supports Modbus DOS Modules and enables remote access and control of industrial devices. It is ideal for applications that require a secure, reliable and high-performance connection.

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  •   -   Modules RS485/RS232 Industrial Device Server Networking with Ethernet-Serial Over IP and Modbus DOS Modules for RS485/RS232 Connections
  •   -   Modules addressable RS485/RS232 Industrial Device Server with Modbus DOS Modules and Modules addressable RS485/RS232 over Ethernet Serial IP Network
  •   -   Modules Ethernet/RS485/RS232 Industrial Device Server Solutions for Modbus DOS Modules with Network over Ethernet/RS485/RS232 Serial Over IP
  •   -   Modules Ethernet/Modbus Integrating Industrial Device Server Modules with Ethernet/Modbus and Serial Over IP for Networking Modbus DOS Modules
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