1.5.1 - Portable Measuring Systems
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PC Server provides portable systems and portable measuring systems for customers. Our products are designed to be lightweight and durable, allowing for easy transportability and reliable performance. Our products are perfect for any environment, whether it's a laboratory, workshop, or any other place where precision measurements are needed.

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1.5.1 Demand-9001 Portable Case, with SVGA 10,4'' TFT color LCD display call
1.5.1 KP-6312T Gehäuse für portablen PC mit 12,1'' TFT color LCD Display call
1.5.1 KP-6312S Gehäuse für portablen PC mit 12,1'' DSTN color LCD Display call
1.5.1 PCP2G/8G/80 Portabler PC 586/800MHz, Mainboard call

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