Data recording in Industry 4.0 manufacturing environments is used for identifying and collecting important information, which is also necessary as … read more


The PXIe-3988 from Adlink, now available from the distributor Acceed, QM-certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, is a … read more - PXIe / PXI Controller CPU Card 3U Search including archive

Based on Intel CPU, the PXI Embedded Controllers are specifically designed for hybrid PXI-based test systems and provide a robust and stable platform for a variety of test and measurement applications. CPU, HDD or SSD and RAM are integrated. Interface flexibility is provided by Gigabit Ethernet ports for LAN and LXI instrument control, USB ports for peripherals and instrument control, and a Micro-D GPIB port for GPIB instruments.

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 7 of 7 products. PXIe-3987/M8G/SSD 3U PXI Express i7-7820EQ Controller 16GB/s System Bandwidth PXIe-3987/M16G/SSD 3U PXI Express Core i7-4700EQ Controller 4GB RAM 500GB HDD PXIe-3987/M32G/SSD 3U PXI Core i7 2,1GHz QM67 4GB 6*USB 2*GbE 500GB HDD PXIe-3987/M8G/512G SSD 3U PXI Core i7 2,1GHz QM67 8GB 6*USB 2*GbE 500GB HDD PXIe-3987/M8G/SSD/Win10 3U PXI Core i7 2,1GHz QM67 4GB 6*USB 2*GbE 120GB SSD PXIe-3987/M16G/SSD/Win10 3U PXI Core i7 2,1GHz QM67 8GB 6*USB 2*GbE 120GB SSD PXIe-3987/M8G/512G SSD/Win10 3U PXI Celeron 2,2GHz HM86 4GB 6*USB 2*GbE 500GB HDD

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