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This PC Add-On Card is a great choice for communication needs. It includes RS232, RS485, IEEE, Serial 8-Port, and RS232 8-Port cards, allowing for a wide range of communication options. It is compatible with most PCs, and is easy to install and use. The card is reliable and offers great performance.

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90,00 € (w/o VAT) P588U UPCI 8-port RS232 Card (incl. conn. Cable R804)
105,00 € (w/o VAT) A960e 8-port RS232 ISA Card with RISC CPU 80960
179,00 € (w/o VAT) CP-168U 8-port RS232 UPCI Card 16550
130,00 € (w/o VAT) CP-168U-V2 8-port RS232 UPCI Card 128byte FIFO
175,00 € (w/o VAT) C168H/PCI 8-port RS232 PCI Card 16550 C168H 8-port RS232 high speed 921,6kBd ISA Card 16550 C168HS 8-port RS232 921,6kBd surge prot. 2kV ISA Card 16550
190,00 € (w/o VAT) A480 8-port RS232 ISA Card
105,00 € (w/o VAT) C168P 8-port RS232 ISA Card 16550 C218T intelligent 8-port RS232 ISA Card 921,6kBd C218T/PCI intelligent 8-port RS232 PCI Card 921,6kBd
205,00 € (w/o VAT)

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