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Network is a system of interconnected computers and remote IO devices that allow for efficient data transfer and communication. RS232 Measure And Control Modules are used to measure and control various parameters across a network. These modules provide a reliable way to communicate with remote IO devices and enable users to monitor and control their systems remotely.

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4.5.7 C1141 Modul, 10V Eingang isoliert, 15Bit, RS232
4.5.7 C1251 Modul, 4-20mA Eingang isoliert, 15Bit, RS232
4.5.7 C1311 Thermoelement J Eingang isoliert, 15Bit, RS232
4.5.7 C1321 Thermoelement K Eingang isoliert, 15Bit, RS232
4.5.7 C1411 Temperatur PT100 -200°-850°C, Eingang isoliert, RS232
4.5.7 C1521 Brücke, Eingang ±30mV/±100mV/1-6V DC isoliert, RS232
4.5.7 C1601 Frequenzeingang: 1Hz-20kHz Zählereingang: 1Hz-10kHz, RS232
4.5.7 C1701 Modul, Digital IO isoliert, RS232
4.5.7 C1711 Modul, 15 Digital In and/or Digital Out, RS232
4.5.7 C3141 Modul, 12Bit Ausgang ±10V, RS232

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