- Serial Converter as Data Logger and Monitor via Ethernet or USB Search including archive

Special devices and interfaces for data logging and monitoring of serial data via USB, serial or Ethernet

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 11 of 11 products. UCON485DBI RS-232 to RS-422 / RS-485 double barrier isolated Converter
67,00 € (w/o VAT) UCON422DBI RS-422 / RS-485 to RS-422 / RS-485 double barrier Isolator
66,00 € (w/o VAT) UCON310-I RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 to ground isolated RS-232 Converter
65,00 € (w/o VAT) UCON232DBI RS-232 to RS-232 double barrier isolated Converter
64,00 € (w/o VAT) U2485DBI Ground Isolator RS232 or RS422/RS485 to RS232 or RS422/485
88,00 € (w/o VAT) ULOG485 USB Data Logger Monitor Box 4*RS232/422/485 Isolated
87,00 € (w/o VAT) ILOG110 IP TX to 1*RS232 Isolated 1*RS232 Monitor Data Logger
115,00 € (w/o VAT) ILOG101 IP TX to 1*RS232 Isolated 1*RS485/422 Monitor Data Logger
114,00 € (w/o VAT) TWIN485DBI Dual RS-232 to Ground isolated RS-422 / RS-485 Converter
88,00 € (w/o VAT) TWIN232DBI RS-232 to RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 Converter & Isolator
80,00 € (w/o VAT) TWIN485 double RS-232 to RS-422/485 isolated and bridge converter
68,00 € (w/o VAT)
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