C32080T - Moxa

8-port RS232 module, RJ45, 460,8kBd

PC Add-On Cards are used to enhance the capabilities of a PC. These cards are available in different types such as Communication Cards (RS232, RS485, IEEE, PCI max 128 Serial), PCIe / PCI max 128 Serial and more. They provide high-speed data transfer, enhanced communication, and improved performance. These cards are ideal for industrial, commercial, and home applications..


  • 8-port RS232 module
  • RJ45 (10pol)
  • 460,8kBd
  • full status display panel
  • rack mount kit built in RISC CPU TMS320 40MHz
  • Moxa


  • Manufacturer: Moxa
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Customs code: 8473 3020 000



  • CN20030
    Cable RJ45 to female DB25 (DCE)
  • CN20040
    Cable RJ45 to male DB25 (DTE)
  • CN20060
    Cable RJ45 to male DB9 (DTE)
  • CN20070
    Cable RJ45 to female DB9 (DCE)
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