6 AD,16-bit,12Hz,RTD:Pt,Ni,Cu,(2/3 wire),open loop detection

Remote Modules for Counter.
308,00 €
incl. VAT 366,52 €


  • The EX9015H-M Analog In 16 bit Modbus RTU module for resistance temperature (RTD) detectors excels at use for temperature measurement with a resistance temperature detector. The Analog In 16 bit module has 6 individually configurable differential isolated channels and 2/3-wire RTD (Pt
  • Ni
  • Cu) Sensor. The Analog In 16 bit module supports parity types None/Even/Odd
  • has a 12 samples/sec. sampling rate and a built-in open-loop detection. The Analog In RS485 module can be used in a wide temperature range
  • features: 6 digital In(16 bit)
  • Sample rate 12 Hz
  • Sensor Type PT100 PT1000 CU100 CU1000 NI120
  • Sensor input 2/3-wire RTD (Pt
  • Ni
  • Cu)
  • Modbus-RTU
  • Individual channel configuration


  • Width: 94.9 mm
  • Height: 23 mm
  • Depth: 144.3 mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Form factor: Box
  • Manufacturer: TOPSCCC
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Customs code: 8517 6200 900
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