19'' case 2unit 491mm

This company specializes in providing PC servers and OEM components as well as cases for industrial computing. They offer a wide selection of products to meet the needs of businesses in various industries. Their experienced team is ready to assist with any custom requirements and provide technical support..
280,00 €
incl. VAT 333,20 €


  • 19" Gehäuse 2HE 491mm Tiefe mit Überdruckbelüftung
  • frontseitig zugänglichem Luftfilter
  • Front und Korpus lackiert
  • verschliessbare Schutztür vor Laufwerken 1*FDD 1*CD-ROM
  • 1*HDD drive bay
  • mit Riser card


  • Weight: 3kg
  • Customs code: 8473 3080 000
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