PXIS Spare Fan - Adlink Technology Inc.

PXIS Chassis Spare Fan for PXIS-2700 & PXIS-2600

PXIe and PXI chassis and accessories for compact and powerful measuring and testing stations in industry and R&D.


  • PXIS Chassis Spare Fan for PXIS-2700 & PXIS-2600 Series
  • Adlink



  • PXIS-2700
    PXI/cPCI 3U Chassis 18 Slots 1 System Slot
  • PXIS-2670
    PXI/cPCI 3U Chassis 14 Slots 1 System Slot
  • PXIS-2630
    PXI/cPCI 3U Chassis 8 Slot 1 System Slot

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