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Modules for signal acquisition with CAN Bus interface

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4.5.9 cPCI-7841 cPCI 2-Port CAN Card
435,00 € (w/o VAT)
4.5.9 PCI-7841 PCI Dual Port Isolated CAN Interface Card
270,00 € (w/o VAT)
4.5.9 NDS-DLL7 DLL driver for NuDAM CAN moduls
4.5.9 PM-7841 PC/104 dual port isolated CAN interface Card
4.5.9 ND-7013 NuDAM CAN-Bus 3 channel RTD input module
4.5.9 ND-7017 NuDAM CAN-Bus 8 channel analog input module
4.5.9 ND-7018 NuDAM CAN-Bus 8 channel thermocouple input module
4.5.9 ND-7024 NuDAM CAN-Bus 4 channel analog output 8 digital input module
4.5.9 ND-7050 CAN-Bus 8 channel digital output 8 digital input module
4.5.9 ND-7054 NuDAM CAN-Bus 15 channel digital input module
4.5.9 ND-7063 NuDAM CAN-Bus 8 channel Relay output module
4.5.9 ND-7080 NuDAM CAN-Bus 2 channel counter/frequency input module

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