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Dual LAN Modules Ethernet with digital IO functions

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 19 of 19 products. EDAM-4250 2*Ethernet 10*DI 6*DO Modbus Module EDAM-4251 2*Ethernet 10*DI 4*DO Modbus Module EDAM-4251A 2*Ethernet 10*DI 4*DO 2 Counter Modbus Module EDAM-4254 2*Ethernet 5*DI 8*DO Modbus Module EDAM-4255 2*Ethernet 8*DI 8*DO Modbus Module EDAM-4260 2*Ethernet 7*DI 4*Relay Modbus Module EDAM-4264 2*Ethernet 4*DI 4*Relay Modbus Module EMD-8204 Ethernet 4*Relay 4*Isolated DI 2*LAN Module
106,00 € (w/o VAT) EMD-8208 Ethernet 8*Relay 8*Isolated DI 2*LAN Module
202,40 € (w/o VAT) EMD-8216 Ethernet 16*DIO 2*LAN Module
114,00 € (w/o VAT) E1210 Ethernet remote IO 16*DI, 2*10/100 LAN module E1211 Ethernet remote IO 16*DO, 2*10/100 LAN module E1212 Ethernet remote IO 8*DI/8*DIO, 2*10/100 LAN module E1214 Ethernet remote IO 6*DI/6*Relay, 2*10/100 LAN module E1240 Ethernet remote IO 8*AD DI 12S/s, 2*10/100 LAN module E1241 Ethernet remote IO module 4*DA 0..10V/4..20mA 2*10/100 LAN E1242 Ethernet remote IO module 4*AD and 4*DI/4*DIO, 2*10/100 LAN E1260 Ethernet remote IO 6*RTD, PT100 etc., 12S/s, 2*10/100 LAN E1261 Ethernet remote IO 8*thermocouple 12S/s 16 bit, 2*10/100 LAN

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