- DMS / strain gauge / Brückenverstärker

Signal Conditioning from Module Gesamtprogramm is a modular and universal system for signal conditioning. It includes a wide range of products for DMS, strain gauge and bridge amplifier applications. With this system, users can quickly and easily configure the most suitable signal conditioning solution for their specific requirements.

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 9 of 9 products. MDDMS3822 Modul Brücke / DMS, 3,0mV/V call MDDMS3821 Modul Brücke / DMS, 2,5mV/V call MDDMS3820 Modul Brücke / DMS, 2,0mV/V call MDDMS3812 Modul Brücke / DMS, 3,0mV/V, 333-fach call MDDMS3811 Modul Brücke / DMS, 2,5mV/V, 400-fach call MDDMS3810 Modul Brücke / DMS, 2,0mV/V, 500-fach call MDDMS3803 Brücke / DMS, 3,0mV/V (666-fach), Ausgang ±5V call MDDMS3802 Brücke / DMS, 2,5mV/V (800-fach), Ausgang ±5V call MDDMS3801 Brücke / DMS, 2,0mV/V (1000-fach), Ausgang ±5V call

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