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Network Industrial provides a wide selection of industrial network accessories, such as FX patch cords, to help build and maintain reliable and secure networks. Our products are designed to provide the highest quality and performance to ensure the best possible performance for your network.

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4.3.5 DBU-01-DB9 Configuration back up unit for DB9 type console port 97,00 € (w/o VAT)
4.3.5 DBU-01-RJ45 Configuration back up unit for RJ45 type console port 98,00 € (w/o VAT)
4.3.5 DBU-01-M12 Configuration back up unit for M12 type console port 107,00 € (w/o VAT)
4.3.5 FCA-SC-SS Fiber Patch Adapter SC/SC SS Request a quote
4.3.5 FCA-SC-MM Fiber Patch Adapter SC/SC MM Request a quote
4.3.5 FPC-LCLC-SS3M Fiber Patch Cord LC/LC SS 3m Request a quote
4.3.5 FPC-LCLC-MM3M Fiber Patch Cord LC/LC MM 3m Request a quote
4.3.5 FPC-SCST-SS3M Fiber Patch Cord SC/ST SS 3m Request a quote
4.3.5 FPC-SCST-MM3M Fiber Patch Cord SC/ST MM 3m Request a quote
4.3.5 FPC-SCLC-SS3M Fiber Patch Cord SC/LC SS 3m Request a quote
4.3.5 FPC-SCLC-MM3M Fiber Patch Cord SC/LC MM 3m Request a quote
4.3.5 FPC-SCSC-SS3M Fiber Patch Cord SC/SC SS 3m Request a quote
4.3.5 FPC-SCSC-MM3M Fiber Patch Cord SC/SC MM 3m Request a quote
4.3.5 SFPC10G-500 10Gbps SFP+ Copper cable 24AWG 5m Request a quote
4.3.5 SFPC10G-300 10Gbps SFP+ Copper cable 30AWG 3m Request a quote
4.3.5 SFPC10G-100 10Gbps SFP+ Copper cable 30AWG 1m Request a quote
4.3.5 SFPC10G-50 10Gbps SFP+ Copper cable 30AWG 0.5m Request a quote
4.3.5 FAT-LC-SS20 Fiber optical attenuator, Single-mode, 20db Request a quote
4.3.5 FAT-LC-SS15 Fiber optical attenuator, Single-mode, 15db Request a quote
4.3.5 FAT-LC-SS10 Fiber optical attenuator, Single-mode, 10db Request a quote
4.3.5 FAT-LC-SS05 Fiber optical attenuator, Single-mode, 5db Request a quote

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acceed news

TSN-6325-8T4S4X: L3 TSN switch (SFP/RJ45) for real time automation
TSN-6325-8T4S4X: L3 TSN switch (SFP/RJ45) for real time automation

Ethernet has become established as the standard in automation networks, however it has now reached its limits because Industry 4.0, robotics and machine intelligence pose increasingly higher requirements, in particular of real time communication. To-date, specifically developed bus systems have only resulted in real time-capable data networks working separately from networks with time non-critical data traffic. A set of new standards under the generic term TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) has the target of rendering current Ethernet networks fit for demanding real time requirements with time synchronisation of all participants. By nature, the core components of new TSN networks include managed TSN switches such as the new TSN-6325-8T4S4X, now available from Acceed. The name 8T4S4X stand for the equipping with 16 ports, of which 8 are 10/100/1000BASE-T (RJ45), 4 1G/2.5GBASE-X (SFP) and 4 10G-BASE-SR/LR (SFP+). In addition to supporting TSN, the TSN-6325-8T4S4X offers numerous functions for efficient and safe data communication, including Quality of Service (QoS) for setting data traffic priorities, port mirroring and VLAN support for network segmentation.

NRU-51V+: 4-camera controller drives autonomous systems
NRU-51V+: 4-camera controller drives autonomous systems

Above-all, the sensor system is extremely important for autonomous robots, vehicles, ground conveyors and similar autonomously acting machines. What is meant is data acquisition with cameras or other sensors and its processing as fast as possible in order to execute the desired programmed functions and actions. The German distributor Acceed has now announced the new series of compact industrial AI platforms with the name NRU-51V+ for the near future. The robust and fanless controllers have four FAKRA-Z ports for GMSL2 cameras and are precisely tailored to these tasks with their equipment with type Jetson Orin or Xavier Nvidia high-performance modules.

Nuvo-9160GC: GPU controller motorises AI and edge computing
Nuvo-9160GC: GPU controller motorises AI and edge computing

In addition to large memory capacity for the data basis, AI applications and edge computing scenarios above-all require high processor power for the evaluation of data and real time reaction. Here, the main performance is currently provided by specialised GPU computers whose architecture is precisely tailored to these tasks. At the same time, the controllers with as small a construction size as possible should be robust and usable in virtually all areas, whether automation, medicine, logistics or general image and data processing. The new Box controller Nuvo-9160GC from the German distributor Acceed is designed to achieve precisely these targets. The platform, which can be configured in accordance with customer requirements, supports the latest RTX-GPU from Nvidia with an output of up to 130 W and supplies a processor power of up to 9 teraflops based on various 12th generation Intel processors.

Nuvo-9501: Good value embedded PC with a powerful basis
Nuvo-9501: Good value embedded PC with a powerful basis

Designed for industrial requirements and professional applications, the embedded PC Nuvo-9501 now available from acceed rounds off the range of high-performance and compact 9000 series controllers also available from acceed. With its new model, the manufacturer Neousys focuses on cost-effective, but highly performant basic equipment for universal application in industrial surroundings. Various options and extension possibilities enable targeted configuration and adaptation to specific requirements. Here, the area of use is clearly adjusted to industrial environment, also via the admissible operation temperature range from -10 to +60 °C.

Mactron WCP: New touch panel PCs for industry
Mactron WCP: New touch panel PCs for industry

Acceed has extended its portfolio and now also incorporated the products from the manufacturer Mactron Group. The Mactron Group from Taiwan is a leading supplier of all-in-one touch systems and embedded platforms for industrial application. The developments focus on the market segments of industrial automation and medical technology, thus fitting in perfectly with Acceed’s product range. Here, the most important product lines are PPC (panel PCs), BPC (box PCs), TDM (touchscreen systems) and MTP (mobile tablets). The most successful products include the WCP series panel PCs in the sizes 15.6 and 21.5 inches, which are available with various 12th generation (Alder Lake) Intel CPUs and further variants.

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