The new IGS-182GP is a cheap, compact basic switch which doesn’t act with extravagant functions, but fulfils its function reliably … read more


The IGAP-W99110GP+ is a high-performance industry access point for outdoors, which works with the high-performance WiFi-6 protocol (IEEE802.11ax). An SFP … read more

4.1.5 - Industrial USB Search including archive

Industrial USB Device Server and Router

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4.1.5 IVR-720 Industrial VPN Router LAN/WAN slim case
4.1.5 IUSB-9041-WG WLAN 802.11b/g 1*TX to 4*USB 2.0 Device Server
4.1.5 IUSB-9041 4*USB 2.0A 1*10/100TX Ethernet Device Server Slim
4.1.5 IR-710 Industrial Cellular VPN Router Modem/LAN
4.1.5 IR-711UB Industrial VPN Router USB/LAN Slim Case
4.1.5 ISC-8110U Industrial Converter 8*RS232 to 1*USB 2.0 Slim
4.1.5 ISC-4110U Industrial Converter 4*RS232 to 1*USB 2.0 Slim
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