2 counter input,2 DO (open collector) with Alarm/ counter pr

Remote Modules for Counter.


  • ExpertDAQ RS485 Timer / Counter have been developed for professional use in industry. The RS485 Timer / Counter are controllable via RS485 and are available with Modbus RTU. Within one RS485 network up to 256 module can be controlled
  • the EX9080DR has 2 digital input which can measure frequencies between 1Hz and 100kHz. The Counter has 32bit memory. The digital Output can emit currents up to 30mA at 30V. The EX9080DR has a programmable Start-Value and alarm function. The EX9080RD has a 4,5-digit 7-segment LED-display and can be operated in a wide temperature range
  • features: 2 digital input channels
  • measure frequency from 1Hz - 100kHz
  • maximum current 30mA at 30V
  • Digital Level 0: <+1V - Digital Level 1: 3,5-30V
  • overvoltage protection up to 3750V
  • 32bit counter (4.294.967.295)
  • programmable alarm function
  • programmable startvalue
  • 4,5-digit 7-segment LED-display
  • output as RS485-interface
  • manual configuration or with supplied software
  • power supply 10 - 30VDC
  • Hard- and Software Watchdog


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