PCI-8124-C - Adlink Technology Inc.

PCI 4 channels encoder motion Card

This is a set of PC add-on cards for motion control and EtherCAT PCI applications. The set includes DIO cards, motion control plug-in cards, and motion control/EtherCAT PCI cards. The cards are designed to provide reliable and precise motion control for a wide range of applications. They offer a variety of features including high speed data transfer, motion control, and EtherCAT support. They are easy to install and configure, making them an ideal choice for motion control applications..
1.090,00 €
incl. VAT 1.297,10 €


  • Advanced PCI bus 4 differential quadrature encoder counter input channels
  • with high speed triggering function
  • each supports 1/2/4x A/B phase dual pulse CW/CCW and signed pulse OUT/DIR modes
  • 4/4 DIO
  • base frequency 40MHz
  • 1*50pin SCSI connector
  • 151*107mm
  • Adlink


  • Connectors: SCSI-II-100f
  • Weight: 0.9kg
  • Manufacturer: Adlink Technology Inc.
  • Part number: 91-12412-1040
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Customs code: 8473 3020 000




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