4.1 - Industrial Ethernet
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Industrial Ethernet is a type of network that is designed to provide robust, reliable, and secure communication for industrial automation applications. It is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including factory automation, process control, and machine-to-machine communication. Industrial Ethernet provides high-speed communication and is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. It is an ideal solution for connecting remote machines and devices, and for connecting control systems to sensors and actuators.

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  • 4.1.1   -   Managed Switches Maximizing Network Performance with Industrial Ethernet Managed Switches
    •   -   100Mb Switches Maximizing Your Network Efficiency with Industrial Ethernet Managed Switches up to 100Mb
    •   -   GbE Switches Maximizing Efficiency with Industrial Ethernet Managed GbE Switches in Networking
    •   -   Rack GbE Switches Managing Your Industrial Network with Rack GbE Switches and Industrial Ethernet Managed Switches
    •   -   PoE And/Or IP67 Maximizing Efficiency with Industrial Ethernet Networking: Exploring Managed Switches with PoE and IP67 Protection
  • 4.1.2   -   Lite-Managed Switches Securing Your Industrial Network with Lite-Managed Ethernet Switches
    •   -   Box Type Securing Industrial Networks with Lite-Managed Box Type Ethernet Switches
    •   -   Switch Card Maximizing Network Performance with Industrial Ethernet Lite-Managed Switches and Switch Cards
  • 4.1.3   -   Unmanaged Switches Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches: A Comprehensive Network Guide
  • 4.1.4   -   Industrial Wireless Exploring the Benefits of Industrial Networking with Ethernet and Wireless Technologies
    •   -   Access Points Maximizing Network Performance with Industrial Ethernet, Wireless and Access Points
    •   -   Access Point Router A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing Industrial Ethernet, Wireless, and Access Point Router Networks
    •   -   3G/4G Access Point Router An Overview of Industrial Network Solutions: Industrial Ethernet, Industrial Wireless, and 3G/4G Access Point Router
    •   -   M2M Gateway Unlocking the Potential of Industrial Ethernet, Wireless, and M2M Gateways in Networking
    •   -   Antenna Cable Maximizing Performance with Industrial Ethernet, Wireless, and Antenna Cable Networking
    •   -   M12 Cable The Benefits of Utilizing Industrial Ethernet, Wireless, and M12 Cables for Networking
  • 4.1.5   -   Industrial USB Exploring the Benefits of Industrial Ethernet and USB Networks for Industry Applications
  • 4.1.6   -   Ind.Media Conv. The Benefits of Industrial Ethernet and Industrial Media Converters in Networking
    •   -   Rack Media Converter Unlocking the Power of Industrial Ethernet with Network and Rack Media Converters
    •   -   Industrial Media Converter Maximizing Industrial Ethernet Performance with Industrial Media Converters
    •   -   Std. Media Conv. Exploring Industrial Ethernet Networking with Standard and Industrial Media Converters
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