4.2.1 - EN50155 Certified Railway

This network offers rugged devices that are EN50155 Certified Railway compliant, providing reliable and secure communication solutions for the railway industry. The devices are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations and provide long-term stability in harsh environments. The network also offers a wide range of services and support for customers, including installation, maintenance and repair.

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  •   -   Railway EN50155 Switches Boosting Railway Network Performance with EN50155 Certified Rugged Switches
  •   -   PoE Unmanaged EN50155 Unmanaged PoE EN50155 Certified Rugged Devices for Railway Networking
  •   -   PoE Managed EN50155 Securing Railway Networks with Rugged PoE Managed EN50155 Certified Devices
  •   -   EN50155 GbE Umanaged EN50155 Certified Railway Network Connectivity with Rugged GbE Umanaged Devices
  •   -   Railway EN50155 Access Point Maximizing Network Connectivity with Rugged EN50155 Certified Railway Access Points
  •   -   EN50155 Cellular Securing Railway Networks with EN50155 Certified Rugged Cellular Devices
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