Whilst the basic equipment is identical for both series models, the SEMIL-1341GC has an additional Tesla T4 graphics card and … read more


The IGAP-W99110GP+ is a high-performance industry access point for outdoors, which works with the high-performance WiFi-6 protocol (IEEE802.11ax). An SFP … read more


If robustness is relevant and demanded, the new IPC series SEMIL-1700 models are the answer. All models in this series … read more - Railway Certified Rugged Switches EN50155 Search including archive

Industrial Ethernet Unmanaged Switches for Railway Applications compliant to EN50155

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 10 of 10 products. IES-3082GC Managed Switch 8*100TX 2*1000TX/SFP w MRP Function EN50155
345,00 € (w/o VAT) TES-250-M12 Lite-managed Switch IP40 5*100TX M12 Connector EN50155
490,00 € (w/o VAT) TES-150-M12 Unmanaged Switch 5*100TX M12 Connector EN50155 TES-180-M12 Unmanaged Switch 8*100TX M12 Connector EN50155 TES-1080-M12-BP2 Unmanaged Switch 8*100TX M12 Connector EN50155 Bypass TES-1080-M12 Unmanaged Switch IP40 8*100TX M12 Connector EN50155 TES-3162GT-M12-BP1 Managed Switch 16*100TX +2*TX M12 EN50155 bypass TES-3082GT-M12-BP1 Managed Switch 8*100TX +2*TX M12 EN50155 Hardware bypass TES-3080-M12-BP2 Managed Switch 8*100TX M12 Connector EN50155 Bypass TES-3080-M12 Managed Switch 8*100TX M12 Connector EN50155
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