4.2 - Rugged Devices

Network rugged devices are specially designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable connections in extreme environments. They are ideal for use in remote locations or in areas with harsh weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for businesses and organizations operating in challenging environments.

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  • 4.2.1   -   EN50155 Certified Railway Maximizing Network Efficiency with EN50155 Certified Rugged Railway Devices
    •   -   Railway EN50155 Switches Boosting Railway Network Performance with EN50155 Certified Rugged Switches
    •   -   PoE Unmanaged EN50155 Unmanaged PoE EN50155 Certified Rugged Devices for Railway Networking
    •   -   PoE Managed EN50155 Securing Railway Networks with Rugged PoE Managed EN50155 Certified Devices
    •   -   EN50155 GbE Umanaged EN50155 Certified Railway Network Connectivity with Rugged GbE Umanaged Devices
    •   -   Railway EN50155 Access Point Maximizing Network Connectivity with Rugged EN50155 Certified Railway Access Points
    •   -   EN50155 Cellular Securing Railway Networks with EN50155 Certified Rugged Cellular Devices
  • 4.2.2   -   Smart Grid IEC-61850 Maximizing Network Performance with Rugged Devices for Smart Grid IEC-61850 Systems
  • 4.2.3   -   Oil & Gas (C1D2 Approved) Rugged Network Devices C1D2 Approved for Oil & Gas Industries
  • 4.2.4   -   Marine (IEC60945) IEEE 1588v2 Achieving Network Connectivity with Rugged Devices for Marine IEC60945 IEEE 1588v2 Compliance
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