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We provide Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems for a variety of applications. Our ARM Embedded Systems and SBC Modules are designed for high performance, reliability and scalability, perfect for industrial, commercial and military applications.

Page 1 of 1 Pages - 13 of 13 products. M-5360A ARM Cortex A8 800MHz SoM 1*LAN 4*USB 9*GPIO 5*COM M-5360A-EV ARM Cortex A8 800MHz SoM Starter Kit M-9G45A Atmel 9G45 400MHz SoM with TTL-LCD Interface 4*UART USB LAN M-9G45A-Carrier-Board Evaluation Board for M-9G45-A SoM M-9G45A-EV M-9G45-A Starter Kit (SoM and Carrier Board) M-A5D35 ATMEL Cortex-A5 + Linux 3.18.X Server OEM CPU Board M-A5D35-Starter-Kit M-A5D35 Cortex-A5 Evaluation Kit M-X6ULL ATMEL Cortex-A7 + Linux 4.14.x Server OEM CPU Board M-501 ARM-9 Web Server OEM CPU Board
78,00 € (w/o VAT) M-501T ARM-9 Web Server OEM CPU Board -20°..+80° M-501-Starter-Kit Starter Kit M-501 with Carrier Board and Linux Tool Chain M-508 ARM-9 Stand Alone Embedded Computer <3W M-508T ARM-9 Stand Alone Embedded Computer <3W Ext. Temp.

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