The new IGS-182GP is a cheap, compact basic switch which doesn’t act with extravagant functions, but fulfils its function reliably … read more


Thanks to their high-speed communication, high data transfer rates and access to high-performance processing technology, PXIe systems can be used … read more


The DLAP-4000 series models are extendable Box computers which are equipped by the German distributor Acceed with high-performance Quadro graphics … read more


Whilst the basic equipment is identical for both series models, the SEMIL-1341GC has an additional Tesla T4 graphics card and … read more


The IGAP-W99110GP+ is a high-performance industry access point for outdoors, which works with the high-performance WiFi-6 protocol (IEEE802.11ax). An SFP … read more

Page 64 of 64 Pages - 33 of 3,183 products. TGPS-9084GT-M12X-BP2-MV EN50155 12-port managed Gigabit PoE Ethernet switch
8.1 NV-R311W LoRa 1.0.2. Wireless Water Leak Detector
4.3.3 SFP1G-LHX30 SFP module 1000Mb LC SS 30Km transmission
4.5.2 W-M2J601 2*AD 4*DO NPN PoE TCP Modbus mini module TGAR-2062-4G-M12 Cellular 2*4G Router 802.11abgn to 2*1000TX M12 EN50155 EDAM-9015 Ethernet 7*RTD/PT100 Input Module
8.1 NV-R718N3 LoRa 1.0.2. 3-Phase Current Meter
2.2.2 MXE-201 Atom E3845 fanless 2*GbE 2*COM 1*USB 3.0 2*USB 2.0
7.1.3 VMDTEK3703 Thermoelement Typ K, 10Hz, -50 - +500°C, 10mV/°C, Out ±5V TGS-9200-M12 Managed Switch IP40 20*1000TX M12 EN50155 IMG-111 M2M Gateway 100TX with 1*RS232 GSM Module built-in TGAR-W1061+-4G Cellular Outdoor 4G Router 802.11abgn 1000TX RJ45 EN50155
3.5.8 PCIe-USB380 PCIe 8*USB3.0 host Card up to 2GB/s
6.6.2 Analyse-Vib Ordnungsanalyse, Trackinganalyse, Sonogrammdarstellung
4.1.5 IR-711UB Industrial VPN Router USB/LAN Slim Case MXC-6101D Core i7-QM57 fanless 2*PCI
2.2.5 AHM-6151 15" RISC-based Human Machine Interface A51 RS-232 to RS-422/485 isolated external converter OPM-19T 19' open frame LCD with touch RM-15 15'' rack mount 6,5U LCD BSP-1070 HMI ARM-9 400MHz 128RAM HMI 7" WVGA 800*480 LCD Nuvo-3005LP Core i5/i7 Low Profile Fanless System HM76 5*GbE HDD-Tray IGCS-E140 PCIe Industrial Lite-Unmanaged 4*1000/100TX Switch Card Opt Ignition Option power ignition function cPS-H325/24 cPCI power supply 47pin 24DCV 250W
5.4 TC0614 Lens 6mm, F 1,4~C, manual adjustable iris RGS-R9004GP+ME-HV Modular Managed Rack Mount Gigabit Ethernet Switch
2.2.2 POC-222 Atom E3825 Ultra-Compact Fanless Controller with HDD Bay DINRAIL-Nuvo-2000/4000 DIN Rail Clip for Nuvo-4000
7.1.2 MBES8L Europaformat Frontplatte 9TE (7TE) 8x 4pol Lemosabuchsen
8.1 NV-R718MBC LoRa 1.0.2. Activity Timer Nuvo-3005LP-i7QC Core i7-3610QE Low Profile Fanless Syst. HM76 5*GbE HDD-Tray Nuvo-7100VTC 8th/9th-Gen Q370 In-Vehicle Controller with PoE, CAN, RAID
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